Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile...
  • "Mobile Internet access to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014." - Morgan Stanley Research (the above graph)
  • "50% of local searches coming from mobile devices." - Google
  • "If a mobile user is not happy with your website, there is a 40% chance they will go visit a competitors"
  • Local searches tend to be  ready buyers looking to make a purchase. You can't afford to miss 50% of them.

In August 2011, MarketingProfs.com published an article with data from a survey by Modapt.com. Here are the key stats:
  • 18% smartphone users say their recent mobile browsing experiences have been frustrating.
  • Navigating websites (40%) and slow downloads (40%) are the biggest challenges among smartphone users, followed by information that is hard to read or find/navigate (20%)
  • Smartphone users use their devices for finding information about businesses (31%) and destinations (30%), and for visiting social media sites (20%)

Your Business Needs A Mobile Website in 2013

If you are asking yourself ďDo I really need a mobile website?Ē, the answer is Yes!

According to Google, 50% of local searches are coming from mobile devices, and if you donít have a mobile website, you are missing the boat Ė big time. Your beautiful desktop website isnít going to cut it because desktop sites donít show properly on smartphones and tablets.

And that makes content becomes hard to read and the tiny links are too small to navigate through the site without making "fat-finger" mistakes. Therefore, mobile websites must be brief and easy to navigate with a finger.

To understand the importance of a mobile site, here are some facts:
  • 47% smartphone owners rely on mobile websites to find out more information about a product or service and 36% use their smartphones to read product reviews on retail websites
  • 57% customers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site
  • 40% customers would even go to a competitor with a better mobile experience

Only 1% businesses today have a mobile site though in 2013 Google predicts that 65% searches will be through mobile devices!

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Get on-board the Mobile Movement before you lose a lot of customers.

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